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Noëmi Ceresola

I don’t need your protein, thank you

September 16 to November 5, 2022

opening September 16, 2022 from 5pm onwards

Through humour and provocative images, artist Noëmi Ceresola's works speak to the issue of the hypersexualisation of the female body. 


With a slight desire for revenge, she depicts the paradox of patriarchal expectations and projections on the female body. Like the cow in the barn that is inseminated against its will and cries out in pain for days after the calf is taken away from it, Noëmi Ceresola compares the objectivation of women in the eyes of patriarchal society to the exploitation of animals. 

The artist sees in this parallel the hypocritical dualism of the female social gender. The view of a cow as a milk machine or the censorship of menstrual blood in advertising show us that society refuses to see the nature of the human and animal body and its biological autonomy.

Noëmi Ceresola challenges patriarchal oppression with transhumanist theories and claims autonomy over one's own body and the right to dispose of it according to one's own ideas. This autonomous body is found in the artist's visual language through bodily forms whose origin is no longer recognizable or through the provocation of reappropriated hypersexualisation.


The exhibition "I don't need your protein, thank you" is by no means a politically neutral exhibition. It confronts the viewer with the raw, sour, wet energy of a woman who is regaining power over her body and no longer hears patriarchal dogmatism.


Anne-Sophie Mlamali


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