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Tobias Pils
December 1 to January 20, 2024

opening December 1, 1 to 9 pm

For the first time flatmarkus will present a work in the lobby, which will be an ongoing exhibition format, that features every time one work by a selected artist. This time it will be a painting by Tobias Pils.


Tobias Pils

Untitled (yes) 
Mixed media on canvas
205.5 x 200.5 x 3 cm 
price on request


Tobias Pils' black, white, and grayscale paintings and graphic works are almost beyond interpretation. His painting process is characterized by planning, which then negates itself throughout its execution. As a result, representation flips into abstraction, figuration turns into composition. Pils' work creates an unease of interpretation and challenges the notion of subjectivity in painting: His method follows intuition and is created in the context of the painter's everyday.

flatmarkus is an art space, currently in Zurich. 

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